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Brazzen is an Australian company and our products are made in Australia, India and Asia.  For years we have been selling container loads of our Animal Handling Equipment to Farm Stores in Australia. Then we had a ranch owner contact us and asked if he can buy a container load of equipment for himself, to sell it off his ranch.

We thought why not have Dealers/Distributors in strategic areas selling off their property with very low overheads.  They can help us supply the smaller farm stores, who can’t buy container loads, and also they can sell direct to Ranchers and Farmers. I started to advertise and now we have Dealers/Distributors all over Australia and New Zealand. It is amazing how many joined us in 4 years.

Brazzen in Australia has fast become in the top 3 Livestock Equipment Suppliers. We think it will make the same traction in the USA.

I found the USA equipment is very different compared to our equipment. The USA equipment is powder coated and the rails are round and not very strong. I noticed they rust very fast and most tubs and chutes left outside rust in a couple of years. I also noticed the cattle panels bend very easily when a large bull nudges it.

Check our video link:

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Our equipment is lot different in that it is galvanized and the rails are oval rail. Oval Rails have a lot of strength when pushed down by the hoof of a bull and when pushed against it can flex back. Being galvanized of course will outlast any powder coated product.

We are very excited about this opportunity for us and for our Dealers and we hope you can see the great opportunity to be a Brazzen Dealer. As a Dealer you would be able to tap in to the products made in our factories in India and Asia which gives you a good price point to sell to independent livestock dealers and also great margins to be made to sell to the local ranchers, sheepmen and horse owners. All this can just be operated from your own Farm or Ranch, or from a small retail store in your local town.

As a Dealer you would be given an exclusive area and we are already in negotiations with some interested. Keep in mind Brazzen can be operated full time or part time as you will have very low overheads. It all depends on you and how much you want to do.

Brazzen is just in its infancy into the US, but while in its infancy it creates more opportunity. There is a $3000 Exclusive Area Fee, which secures your area and your commitment would be to buy a container load of mixed products. Like chutes, feeders, sweep yards, alleyways, animal cages and of course cattle panels. You would then be able to have a Brazzen name and have an exclusive Area.  


You will be given an exclusive Retail area to work in, avoiding overlap from other dealers. We find most clients will not travel more than an hour to pick up their goods. You can actually wholesale (Sell to Farm Stores) outside of your retail area as long as you let us know who you are wholesaling to so no other Dealer/Distributor will contact that client.


Commitment to be a dealer: 1 full 40ft container 

When we were displaying our panels and sweep yards in the USA I found that the USA demand longer panels. Everyone liked our equipment but all wanted our panels to be longer. So, we went back to our factory and made panels to suit the needs of the USA Ranchers. Have a look at this 10 minute video explaining the panels we have. We are sure when you become a Dealer these panels will make you lots of money.

Further information about our products:

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Click then put in the Password: USAPanels


Our factory in Asia has been operating for 14 years and we have been supplying about 20-30 containers a month of rural products to Australia, New Zealand and now the USA. We have opened a new factory in India as well.


We have found in the USA once the Rancher gets a chance to see our product and see how it is galvanized and robust, they love it.

The great thing about joining Brazzen is we help you set out all your advertising and promotions.

Sample Ads

Email 03 Advertising.jpg
Brazzen Sample Ad 2.jpg
Brazzen Sample Ad 1.jpg

Being a Brazzen Dealer we would need to have some sort of Agreement in place. You would be able to choose a Brazzen Name and then you can register. You would be able to buy and sell our products exclusively.  We suggest you get an area booked to display in the next local Fair or Rodeo day. We will try to get there and be on your stand with you. We will also help you set up your equipment when you first buy it. 


We will be there along the way to help you succeed. Below is an outline with some of the agreement terms to save you reading a long agreement but if you decide Brazzen is for you we can send you the full draft. 

Distributor Terms US - 2018.png
Untitled attachment 01384.jpg
Untitled attachment 01357.jpg
Untitled attachment 01537.jpg
Round Bale Hay Feeder Straight
Premium Gate 2.JPG
Photo 28-10-17, 3 31 52 pm.jpg
Sheep Gate.jpeg
Double Bail Feeder.JPG
Chute 06.jpeg

It is important to be seen in your local area and it's great to list ads in your local paper. We also recommend you to go on KSL or similar in your area. One of the best ways to get yourself known is get yourself a site at your next big farming fair in your area.


We will be happy to advise on the size of the area you will need to take and what you need to set up at the show. You will be surprised with the sales you will make right there at the show and then the follow on from all the leads you get after the show.

Listen to the video below to see what our newest dealer in Texas has to say. 

Here are some pics from fairs that our dealers have done. 

Fair Photo.jpg
Matt & Howard.jpg



Hello, I am interested in learning more about your products and pricing. I have a hobby ranch in Colorado. I have a small herd of yaks and planning to upgrade our working ward. Recently, I visited a fellow yak rancher that installed your equipment. He was pleased with the quality and highly recommended your products.


I work with some other companies that I have great relationships with so that is very important to me.   The dealers that I have spoken to, speak very highly of Brazzen and that makes me ready to commit to a great company.   


I am very taken back by the quality of these Brazzen products.  Everybody that sees them is impressed and can't wait to get them for their property.  

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