Temporary Fencing and Crowd Barriers Systems

All panels are Hot dipped galvanized before welding and all Crowd barriers are Hot Dipped Galvanized after welding.  

Brazzen has been around for over 12 years and been active in the USA for 8 years. We are an Australian company and set up a small factory in China 12 years ago because the labour laws in Australia was not cost affective to make temporary Fencing and Barricades. All the big players in Australia bought from us as we were one of the first to make them in China. The Australian panels are a bit different to the USA in that we have a hard mesh not a chain-link mesh and we also have plastic feet filled with concrete. We have had some USA companies start to buy the Australian style panels and the plastic concrete filled feet. The barriers are pretty much the same in both the USA and Australia.


We thought the USA would be a good market so we started to attend the Fence Tech Shows and have met with many companies.  We started to get orders for Temporary fencing, Driveway gates for a large company called GTO and normal black powder coated racked and tubular panels. Over the years we started to get a lot of orders for Cattle, horse and sheep panels and now we have also become very strong in Live Stock Equipment. We now have a small Office in Utah to make communication better and make USA clients feel more secure. Just like our Live Stock Equipment we do not keep inventory in the USA. We only supply container loads, we also do not sell to everyone. If you become a client of ours we will sell exclusively to you with in a certain area. We feel to keep loyal clients we should not sell to your competitors. We also would want you to buy exclusively from us and commit to buy a certain amount of containers of panels and Barriers per year.


In the past year the Tariffs have put a lot of pressure on us to move from China. We will remain to keep our factory in China but are in the process to setting up a small factory in India. India is a democracy and has not got the tariffs that have been put on to the China products. India is very strong in Galvanising and I think we will have a very good price point considering the Tariffs.  



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