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Perfect Ranch Business Opportunity

Brazzen Dealership

Operate From Your Own Ranch

Exclusive Areas. Low Overheads.

Become a Brazzen Dealer and enjoy operating from your ranch. In Australia, we have become number 3 in our industry in less that 5 years and now have arrived in the USA.  

By joining Brazzen's network of dealers you gain access to innovative and comprehensive livestock product ranges and services, brand recognition, support and an exclusive area. As a Brazzen Dealer you can benefit from the loyalty of the global strength of the Brazzen brand name.

You will receive Livestock Equipment direct from our factory in China enjoying prices low enough to sell to stores and maximizing profits selling direct to ranchers.  
We have Dealers in strategic areas selling off their property with very low overheads. Right now we have no joining fee but your commitment would be to buy a container load of mixed equipment suited to your area. Whether it be cattle, sheep or horse, we have a huge array of equipment like chutes, feeders, sweep yards and panels. You would then be able to have a Brazzen name and have an exclusive area.
Some of our Dealers are now buying over 20 containers a year and still growing.
For more information fill out the form below, or email or call Cameron on 801-742-7320

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