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Maintain the Equipment

To make the products last forever they need to be maintained.  The slam latch bolt may need a bit grinded off so it is not hitting the receiver too hard also it is good the spring and hinges have some WD 40 sprayed on them or Lithium Grease. The welds are the weakest points for rust as they have only been covered with Cold Gal Paint. You will see rust start to come through over time. Go to Home Depot and get a couple of spray cans of Gal. A lot of times it is hard to match the color but in most cases it will not matter if it is grey. Respray those welds where it is needed. It's good to have all this done before handing over the equipment to sell. Wipe the rails down with a rag so they look clean before you sell them. If you are showing the goods for display and the latch does not slam or there is rust showing on the panels and dirt you are doing yourself a disservice by displaying them. The same is with selling to clients dirty equipment.  There are areas in the USA where it can be humid and this can have an affect on the galvanizing. White rust can appear and if this appears it is good to give the equipment a light wipe over with a cloth with white Vinegar or multi-purpose oil.  Stacking the panels in areas where there is little ventilation and dampness or if it is rained on in a humid area can cause the same white rust. Look after the equipment and it will last a long time in your yard and convey the same to your clients. We will have a link on the website for these tips to maintain your equipment and you can send your clients to it.  

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