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$990.00 Includes Free Delivery

Email or call 801-742-7320 for any enquiries to purchase these Sheep panels and Gate set.  We will then let you know the process. In order to send your order, we will need your name, phone number and where you would like it shipped to.  

Thanks for submitting!

These panels are very hard to find in the USA. Genuine Sheep Panels used throughout Australia and New Zealand are now here in the USA.  Our galvanized 6’5” long and 39” high and 55lbs sheep panels are robust enough to use for hogs, goats and of course sheep.


Galvanized making them built to last. The rails are also oval shaped which gives it greater strength on the down pressure and more flex on the side pressure. This rail is an Australian design for livestock. The rails are spaced apart so it is hard for the smallest lamb to get out.


The panels are all connected with our easy pin system which can also be pinned not just 2 ways but 3 and 4 ways. The Feet on the Panels have holes provided for pegs in case you need peg them down.

Have a look at the gate with all the features. They have a top and bottom tube hinge so there is no sloppiness, there is a gate support to keep the gate held up when closed. The slam latch is very convenient for quick closing and a chain as a backup safety lock. All fully galvanized.

Get this set delivered to your door.


Give up buying scrap tube and making the panels yourself. Take pride in your livestock and your ranch and Buy Brazzen Sheep, Goat and Hog panels.

Green Yard With Measurements.jpg

We can deliver this set of 9 x 6ft panels & 1 Gate with all the joining pins. All stacked together like this on a steel pallet.


All our panels are galvanized and have an oval rail instead of a round rail. They are stronger when pushed down on and flex more when pushed against it. They will last a lifetime.

Sheep Panel.jpg
All Gates with Slam Latch & back up Safe

All Gates With Slam Latch & Back Up Safety Chain

Connecting Pins.jpg

Connecting Pins

Pins easily slide in the rattle proof Pa

Pins Easily Slide Into The Rattle Proof Panel Joining Cletes

Joining Cletes can be Joined 1 2 3 or 4

Joining Cletes Can Be Joined 1, 2, 3 or 4 Ways

The Feet on the Panels have holes provid

The Feet On The Panels Have Holes Provided For Pegs In Case You Need To Peg Them Down

Hingeless Gate 2.jpg

Our Hingeless Sheep Gate Stops Sloppiness

& Can Swing Right Back Either Way

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