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A Livestock Business Opportunity

Brazzen Dealership

Operate from your own Ranch.

Exclusive Areas. Low Overheads.

Become a Brazzen Distributor and enjoy operating from your ranch. We are an Australian Company and new in the USA. In Australia we have become No. 3 in our industry in less than 5 years.


1. Buy Live Stock Equipment for less than the local farm stores.

2. Sell direct to Livestock Stores and to the ranchers.

3. Make Good Margins

4. Have an exclusive Area.

5. Pay a deposit of $3000.

6. No ongoing fees.

7. Operate from your Ranch.

8. Operate with a Brazzen Name.

9. Brazzen Head Office invests in the branding for you.

10. Areas are filling up fast.


You will receive Livestock Equipment direct from our factory in India & Asia, enjoying prices low enough to sell to stores and maximizing profits selling direct to ranchers. The investment is between $30,000 and $40,000 to join as a Brazzen Dealer.

We have Distributors in strategic areas selling off their property with very low overheads. You can operate from your own ranch, and need at least one acre to run the dealership. There is a deposit of $3000 to secure your exclusive area that will go toward your first order but there are no ongoing fees. Your commitment would be to buy a container load of mixed equipment suited to your area.

Whether it be Cattle, Sheep or Horse, we have a huge array of equipment like chutes, feeders, sweep yards and panels. You would then be able to have a Brazzen name and have an exclusive area. Some of our Distributors, who have been with us longer than the newer Distributors, are now buying over 20 containers a year and still growing.

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For more information call/text 435-901-5404
or email

Check our video link:

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Further information about our products:

Click then put in the Password: USAPanels

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Here are some pics from fairs that our dealers have done. 

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Hello, I am interested in learning more about your products and pricing. I have a hobby ranch in Colorado. I have a small herd of yaks and planning to upgrade our working ward. Recently, I visited a fellow yak rancher that installed your equipment. He was pleased with the quality and highly recommended your products.


I work with some other companies that I have great relationships with so that is very important to me.   The dealers that I have spoken to, speak very highly of Brazzen and that makes me ready to commit to a great company.   


I am very taken back by the quality of these Brazzen products.  Everybody that sees them is impressed and can't wait to get them for their property.  


We sure love the stalls so far. Very well built! We will for sure be buying more products from you all in the future! 

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