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•  End posts are square 2 inches x 2 inches and 14 gauge

•  Made from our premium oval rails 4½ inches x 2 inches and 16 gauge, each rail almost has a 5 inch          face on them

•  Total 5 rails and with vertical strengthening straps to ensure this gate will never bend or break, they        all come with 4 long bolt through L hinges to carry the weight

5 Rail Driveway Gates

  • DGP8/4.2-5 • 8'L x 4’2”H

    DGP10/4.2-5 • 10'L x 4’2”H 

    DGP12/4.2-5 • 12'L x 4’2”H

    DGP14/4.2-5 • 14'L x 4’2”H

    DGP16/4.2-5 • 16'L x 4’2”H

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