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Selling and Installing Temporary Fencing is a billion dollar business and it can be a passive income for many.  

Want a business you can run from anywhere? All you need is some land, a forklift/tractor and a Trailer or Truck. Compete with the big players by running with low overheads and off your own land. Buy from the same places they do from overseas.

Your Income Stream can come from Installing the fencing, renting the fencing for weeks or months at a time and selling the fencing.

1. Buy the Panels and Barriers for the same prices as the Big Players.


2. Operate from your Ranch/Farm or commercial premises.


3. Sell direct to the Builders and the Public.


4. Make money from installing and renting.


5. Pay no dealer fees or on going fees.


6. Have an exclusive area.


7. Operate off the Brazzen website.


8. Operate with a Brazzen Name.


9. Brazzen Head Office invests in the branding for you.


10. Get in early to secure your area.

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You will receive the Brazzen Panels and Barriers from our factories in India & Asia, enjoying prices low enough to sell to builders and the public and maximizing profits selling.  

 We have Distributors in strategic areas selling off their property with very low overheads. You can operate from your own ranch, and need at least one acre to run the dealership.  Right now we have no joining fee but your commitment would be to buy a container load of mixed equipment suited to your area.

You would then be able to have a Brazzen name and have an exclusive area.

For more information call Cameron on 801-742-7320 or email

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